Hit Send (Puzzles and Board Games)

Hit Send is a party card game for those old enough not to need a fake ID. 

When playing Hit Send, remember to laugh at people, not with them. 

Hit Send includes texts of satire, ridiculousness, hilarity and cardboard that is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified, big up earth.
Full gameplay: Each player gets 5 text cards. Player 1 picks a letter and number card.

For example, M and 3. They Scroll to the 3rd contact under M in their phone. This could be anyone from their ex to their best friend’s mum. Other players put down a text card.

The DM Don, on Player 1's right, then chooses which text you should send. If you send the Don’s chosen text, 'Do you ever fantasize about me?’, then you win the card! If you get a text back you win another card… First to win 5 cards, is the message mogul (the winner)!

Each game typically lasts 30-45 minutes or up to several days if you include late replies. Contains profanity. Sorry cards included.
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Release Date: 28/11/2023