Gunther Top Loop Kite (Merchandise)

Developed with the help of professional kite-flyers, these kites are intended specifically for performing loops, curves and ingenious new flight maneuvers!

We only use high-quality materials for building our stunt kites: rods made from sturdy fibreglass, sails from tear-proof polyester and high-quality lines on reels – all packed in practical polyester bags.

All-round stunt kite made of high-grade ripstop polyester. With a handy storage bag and flight instructions. With fibreglass rods. For beginners. Span: 130 cm
Age: 8+
Size: 130 x 69 cm
Wind: 25 - 50 km/h

WARNING! Not suitable for children under three years. Strangulation hazard due to long cord! Do not use near overhead powerlines, or during thunderstorms.
SKU: 828894-product
Release Date: 07/03/2023