GTR recreates the thrill of driving some of the world’s most exotic sports cars, such as the Ferrari 550 and 360, Lamborghini Diablo and Murciélago, Chrysler Viper GTS-R, Porsche 996 and Saleen S7-R, on some of the world’s most exciting tracks, including four of the official Formula One circuits.

As part of an exclusive agreement with the FIA, the SimBin Development Team is creating a racing simulation that plays off in the GT Championship, and features more than 19 different super car models, 10 officially licensed tracks, and 2 additional bonus tracks (Bonus tracks are available in online free Added value packs).

GTR also features the FIA GT Spa 24 Hours race, one of auto racing’s most prestigious events. Taking place at the world-renowned Spa Francorchamps track, this event has been running since 1924. Each year sees the best of the best meeting here to compete in a race that runs for a gruelling 24 hours. The race has over 100.000 spectators and is to be compared with Le Mans24H and Daytona 24H. GTR provides an immersive recreation of this prominent race.

The game creates as accurate a simulation of the FIA GT Championship as is technically possible, while also providing an immersive and fun arcade mode option. The game spans an extensive single player mode, as well as a full-featured multiplayer aspect, including online competitions.

Featuring a highly detailed physics model that ensures each car drives just like its real-world counterpart; tracks built using Global Satellite Positioning data, and car specifications provided by each of the actual FIA GT racing teams, GTR is the most accurate simulation to date of the world’s greatest super cars, driven on the world’s most celebrated racing tracks.


  • Open ended and easily approachable gameplay, catering for the full spectrum of racing styles and abilities.
  • An Extensive and challenging Championship mode.
  • Fully integrated online component, featuring user-friendly game lobbies for matchmaking and finding online games.
  • Incredibly realistic physics engine, resulting in the most accurate driving model yet to be found in a racing game.
  • The most realistic and detailed cockpits ever found in a driving game.
  • Audio samples taken from the actual racing cars, giving the player an aural experience matched only by the real racing events.
  • Replay and best-lap recording, featuring fully controllable onboard and trackside cameras.
  • Full support for Track IR Advanced mode head tracking technology. A first for driving simulators!
  • Live Track technology, where the player experiences realistic buildup of dirt and debris on the tracks during the course of a racing event.
  • Extensive game content, including: Over 70 accurately modelled cars ( Including the free online Added value packs )
  • 27 officially licensed GT cars
  • 33 officially licensed NGT cars
  • 17 officially licensed cars that participated at FIA GT Spa 24H
  • 10 highly detailed officially licensed tracks from the FIA GT Championship
  • 2 bonus tracks ( Avaliable online in Free Added value packs )
  • Highly realistic and competitive AI opponents
  • 3 single-player game modes
    • Simulation mode
    • SemiPro mode
    • Arcade mode ( 4 different types of Arcade modes )
  • 3 multiplayer game modes
    • Simulation mode
    • SemiPro mode
    • Arcade mode ( 4 different types of Arcade modes )
SKU: 178680-product
Release Date: 11/03/2005