Grimgut - The Vile (Puzzles and Board Games)

A lumbering mass of spoilt flesh, Grimgut truly earns his alias of the Vile. Unlike other champions who seek to attract their followers, Grimgut creates the Retchlings by vomiting forth the remains of those unfortunate enough to find their way into his gullet.

Gluttonous and greedy, this Maelstrom champion loves to deny his opponents their chance to score delicious Victory Points. So vile is Grimgut that he’s unable to attract followers — so he spews them forth instead!

This expansion comes with everything you need to add this vile champion and his Retchling followers to your Godtear warband, including 7 highly detailed miniatures and 3 profile cards. No assembly needed! Godtear is an out-of-the-box experience. All minis are preassembled and coloured according to their champion class. In Grimgut’s case, yellow for a Maelstrom champion.

Combine this expansion with any Godtear starter set and champions of your choice, and prepare for battle!
  • 1x Grimgut, 5x Retchlings, 1x Grimgut’s banner, 3x profile cards
  • Coloured according to champion class (yellow for Maelstrom)
  • Highly detailed miniatures
  • No assembly needed
  • Created for the Godtear miniature skirmish board game
  • Designed for use with any Godtear starter set
  • SKU: 811971-product
    Release Date: 08/09/2021