GRID 2 offers at least 30 hours of single player content

Codemasters has declared war on short games, announcing that completing the single player career mode of its upcoming racer GRID 2 is currently taking its game testers at least 30 hours.

"It's massive," boasts senior executive producer Clive Moody. "Playthroughs at the moment - if you want to 100% the whole game - you're looking at 30-hours plus for the average gamer to get through that experience. That's doing everything we have to offer, all of the side events, promotional events and challenges as well. It's a large experience that will keep people busy, and once they've blitzed that then online multiplayer is there."

"We've noticed a trend in recent years with some of the supposedly 'big' games that were actually six hours long, and we didn't feel that was sufficient value for money for our fans at all," adds senior designer Ross Gowing. "We wanted to make sure there was so much more for them to do."

GRID 2 is already shaping up to be a beast of a game. As well as six multiplayer modes and weekly RaceNet challenges, the game will randomly match you with a similarly skilled rival from around the world every week, making leaderboard progression a distinctly personal battle. Play too rough, barge opponents off the track too often and you'll find yourself relegated to online matches with other unsporting racers to bash it out amongst yourselves.

It certainly sounds like a game loaded with great ideas, and we'll get to find out on May 31st when GRID 2 roars into life for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

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Release Date: 12/04/2013