Greed Corp (PC)

Become a member of the Greed Corp in this innovative and unusual turnbased strategy game. Manage a perfect balance between harvesting and keeping the land alive. Will you defend your field or sacrifice it, to avoid it falling in enemy hands? Administer wisely the limited resources to build up your army and use the levelling fields to your own advantage. Destroy your enemies or destroy the land on which they stand, before they will do the same to you!

  • Challenging game matches lasting around 20 minutes, with four different factions available
  • Single player campaign offering more than 10 hours game fun
  • 24 diversified maps for Single player mode
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Comprehensive tutorial to quickly learn the basic gameplay
  • Up to 4 players Multiplayer mode with more than 35 unlockable maps
  • Customizable multiplayer games, with possible combination of local, Online and AI-controlled opponents
SKU: 235878-product
Release Date: 16/06/2011