Graphics Tablet (PC)

An excellent alternative to using a conventional mouse this tablet allows you to control your PC freehand style with a pen. As well as supporting all usual mouse functions, the tablet and pen can be configured for simple one-touch operations such as opening / closing programs and you can write freehand into many applications!*


  • Support for Windows XP handwriting recognition and most major drawing, painting and CAD programs.
  • Comes with PenSuite software (PenSigner, Annotate for Word, Annotate All, PenCommander, and PenMail for freehand text input.
  • Pressure sensitive stylus pen.
  • Support for Microsoft Handwriting Recognition.
  • Tablet Hot Cells for one-touch launching of applications and PenCommander functions.
  • One-touch Pen Scroll button for easy browsing of documents and pictures.
  • Remote, shared electronic whiteboard using Microsoft NetMeeting.
  • Bundled with Corel Painter 8 (Try Before You Buy version), one of the best freehand drawing programs.
* Software dependent.
SKU: 166279-product