Gods & Kings expansion pack coming for Civilization V

Gamers will be given more ways than ever to rule the world when a new expansion pack for Sid Meier's Civilization V hits PC later this spring.

2K Games has revealed the first details on Gods & Kings, a Civilization V add-on that introduces new technologies, units, cultures and scenarios to the acclaimed strategy game.

New civilisations include Carthage, the Netherlands and the Celts, with the expansion set to give players access to all sorts of new diplomacy and espionage options, extra types of city state and an enhanced combat system.

Meanwhile, the add-on reintroduces the concept of religion to the series, meaning would-be rulers can create their own faith and propagate it across the globe.

Sid Meier, series creator and director of creative development for developer Firaxis Games, said: "We're excited to deliver this robust expansion pack that will give players countless hours of new gameplay experiences and more reasons to take just one more turn."

The Firaxis team is currently hard at work reviving another esteemed PC strategy series with XCOM: Enemy Unknown, a revamped version of the 1993 classic UFO: Enemy Unknown.

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Release Date: 21/02/2012