Gods & Heroes (PC)

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising brings the bold and dramatic world of ancient mythology alive online. As Rome grows into its role as a dynamic Republic, enemies arise from neighboring countries like Greece, Carthage, Gaul and other lands to challenge her dominance. None, however, compare to the threat brought by the return of the ancient Telchine gods, once banished from Rome by the Olympian gods. Jealous of their Olympian brethren, the Telchine gods have returned to stake a claim on the new found wealth of this rising civilization by wresting control over those who conquered them. Embark on a heroic journey to save Rome and the Olympian Gods. Align your passion with the powers of the ancient Gods of Rome. Take on epic quests to earn favor with your god. As your heroic prowess grows, your god alliance rewards you with the ability to command the unequaled powers of the gods and your own squad. The fate of a nation hangs in the balance, and only a true covenant of gods and heroes will save Rome. Are you ready to pledge your allegiance?

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising features an innovative style of squad combat not seen in other online multiplayer games, courtesy of Perpetual Entertainment Designer Director Stieg Hedlund, lead designer of the best-selling RPG Diablo II. Squad-based combat in Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising allows players to collect more than 100 unique minion warriors. Players can deploy these minions in a variety of strategic groupings to form individual squads, create unique formations and implement combat tactics on-command, maximizing their power in combat. Reminiscent of an Action RPG, combat moves can be linked together to provide a more dynamic, dramatic and visceral feel to battles. As you fight to save Rome from her enemies, including the Gaul and Samnites, you will also battle fierce and monstrous creatures of myth, including Cyclopes, Minotaurs and the evil Medusa. Embark on more than 1,500 story driven adventures which carry you across the world of Ancient Rome while you command your own squad and the powers of the gods.

Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Features:
  • Acquire over 100 different squad minions including myth creatures, each with their own unique feats
  • Strategically deploy squad minions to fit your play-style
  • Group with others in epic battles against the enemies of Rome
  • Align with the Deity of your choice to earn powerful, godlike combat abilities
  • Earn special abilities that unleash intense combat moves with visceral impact
  • Discover the mythology of Ancient Rome
  • Wage battle with mythological creatures and enemies
  • Embark on more than 1,500 story-driven missions across Ancient Rome
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Release Date: 24/06/2011