Go Go's Crazy Bones: The Boardgame (Toys and Gadgets)

Collected all your favourite Go Go’s? Now play the great new Go Go’s board game from Imagination.

Select you starting colour and home space on the board. Use the spinner to move around the board and take over three more home spaces to win by placing your character cards on the home spaces.

It might seem easy but remember you opponents are also trying to do the same. As you move around the board you will face many battles to keep your cards and home space alive and stand a chance to win the game.

Battles are conducted using the dice you will then need to add or subtract the number on the cards to determine who wins the space. If you lose your card is frozen out until to return home.

Remember If you want to use your Go Go Crazy bones to play “for keeps” in the game cover your cards with your Go Go’s characters.

Box Contains:

  • Bonus Gogo’s Crazy Bones characters
  • 24 coloured character cards (with battle scores)
  • Game board with spinner
  • 6 Kiss-cut movers with stands
  • 2 Battle dice
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