Gioteck HF2 Bluetooth Controller for PlayStation 3 (Accessories)

The HF- 2 has been ergonomically designed to enhance FPS gameplay, producing a second nature control stance familiar to Xbox 360 owners. We have taken the wants of the hardcore online gamer, provided a controller that is precise, durable and above all else comfortable, so that it can be played well into the early hours of the morning

All of our focus has been placed on quality components and materials. Bells and whistles have no part to play when it comes to war! You’ll find it’s the little touches that make all the difference.

  • Contoured Action Buttons – Ergonomically positioned for optional thumb rotation between the button cluster and the right thumbstick.
  • Turbo Functionality – For user programmable Rapid Fire.
  • Concave Anti-Slip Rubber Thumbstick Grips – Notched at 90 degrees for “second nature” directional accuracy.
  • Offset Thumbstick Sensitivity – The prefered setup for FPS gameplay and utilizing the best component parts for rotational and precision.
  • Adjustable Thumbstick Sensitivity – Calibrate your thumbsticks for a sharper aim and improved accuracy (via downloadable driver)
  • Dished Directional Pad – For quicker selection control.
  • Flip Switch – Swap the functions assigned to the L1 and R2 and the R1 and R2 buttons.
  • Variable Resistors – Using state of the art Japanese variable resistors for optimal spring loaded feedback.
  • Ergonomically Shaped – Designed for the utmost in comfort for hours of ache free gameplay. The HF-2 has a tactile silk finish ad perfectly weighted handles.
  • Future Proofed – Upgradeable firmware via Gioteck software (requires a Windows operating system).
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Release Date: TBD