Gioteck DF1 Dual Fuel Ammo Box for Xbox 360 (Accessories)

Introducing The DualFuel Ammo Box for the Xbox 360! The charger eliminates the clutter and wires around your console, and also looks like it means business, with it's Full Metal Jacket and Midnight Camo paint!

The DualFuel Ammo Box takes two controllers, and charges via mains power for the minimum charge time possible. The DualFuel is supplied with its own battery pack for contact charging and additional battery packs are available separately.

Full metal jacket military style box

With it's authentic military styling, the ammo box eliminates clutter and looks pretty damn cool while it does it!

Mains powered
Allowing minimal charge time, which means more gaming time!

Contact charging
No messy wires, nothing to plug in - just place your controllers in the box, and leave them to charge.

Supplied with one battery pack
Additional battery packs supplied separately.

External charge indication
LEDs breath red when charging, then green when charged, letting you know when your controllers are ready to go without having to open the box.

Houses two Xbox controllers, charging simultaneously
No need to be swapping controllers in and out


  • Stylish mains powered charging unit
  • Metal outer case & authentic military styling
  • Keeps your controllers dust free and safe and looks pretty damn cool too!
  • Heavy duty quick release latch, making access fast and practical
  • Simply place your controllers in position on the charging tray for dual charging
  • LEDs breathe red when charging then green when charged
  • Simply slide the mini-USB port on your controller into the mini-USB connector on the DF-1 for dual charging
  • Two controllers charge simultaneously, so there's no need to be swapping them in and out
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