Ghostbusters Cluedo (Merchandise)

The classic detective game set in the Ghostbusters universe! Featuring key characters from the movies.
Imagine a group of paranormal eliminators racing to a farmhouse in Ecto-1 to collaborate on a mystery and roast some ghosts.

Players figure out who the leader is, how to catch it, and where it will appear through a process of elimination.

Will Slimer show up in the lab and be caught in a Proton Pack trap? Maybe it's Gozer in the barn, with the Aztec Whistle.

As other players present their cards, move from location to location, making suggestions and narrowing down choices. Players can team up to fight a ghost or get closer to the truth with the help of paranormal cards.

Check the Tobin's Spirit Guide card sleeve after a player makes an accusation to see if they're correct.
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