Ghost Fleet (PC)

Dive into danger with NG Explorer - Ghost Fleet, and search sunken ruins to find a missing adventurer!
For centuries, the Atlantic Ocean has beckoned sailors - some to high adventure, and others to peril. Those who vanished left behind hundreds of sunken ships resting on the ocean floor, a group of doomed vessels known today as the Ghost Fleet of the Atlantic. It is through this wreckage that Morgan Powell, scientist and sea explorer, goes missing. Without hesitation, Fiona Powell, daughter and explorer for National Geographic, picks up his trail hoping that her father isn't claimed by the Atlantic as well.
Follow Fiona on this daring underwater journey as she races to locate her father! Explore the ocean floor, scavenging through ships for traces, equipment and a valuable artefact or two. Complete puzzles, capture ocean life in photographs, play mini-games and learn the history of these fascinating vessels. But remember, time is of the essence because somewhere out there, in the huge watery graveyard, rests a man waiting to be rescued.
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Release Date: 04/11/2011