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Gears of WarSera is a planet like Earth, similar in climate, geography and size. For the humans on Sera, Imulsion the golden, viscous liquid that runs underground is their primary fuel source, essential to survival.

But Imulsion isn the only thing beneath the surface. The core of the planet is a porous, open place. Called "the Hollow" by humans, it is home for dark and dangerous creatures and the source of the ensuing nightmare.

Emergence Day (E-Day)
Emergence Day marked the end of an era, and the beginning of a new kind of war. In the dark of night, a new enemy the Locust crawled out from underground and launched a full-scale attack. Millions of humans were slaughtered in a matter of hours. Military leaders had to stop the genocide. They made a brutal decision. They ordered their soldiers to scorch the earth.

The plan worked, but at a terrible price. The attack stopped the enemy and it also killed thousands of innocent civilians. Survivors made a final stand on Jacinto Plateau. The Locust will not stop. They continue to wage war against the humans. They dig tunnels beneath the Plateau, searching for their prey. With every passing day, mankind loses more ground. Their situation is desperate.

An [Anti]Hero Rises
Emerging into the chaos, Marcus Fenix is rescued from a deserted military prison by his friend and comrade Dominic Santiago. A disgraced former war hero and the son of a legendary scientist, Marcus dons arms seeking personal redemption as he leads his ragtag fire team into the fray. Once looked upon as the perfect soldier and harbouring the skeletons of his past, he may now be humanity last hope...


Marcus Fenix
Son of the famed military scientist Adam Fenix, Marcus established a reputation as a brilliant soldier during the Pendulum Wars, earning numerous field promotions and decorations. He was on a fast track to an outstanding military career until the war with the Locust Horde.

When the Horde breached Jacinto Plateau defences, Marcus defied orders, opting instead to try save his father, who was under siege at East Barricade Academy. He was too late. Marcus was charged with dereliction of duty and was sentenced to 40 years in Jacinto Maximum Security Penitentiary.

Four years into his sentence, the Horde overtook the penitentiary but Marcus was rescued by his best friend Dominic Santiago, so that he could rejoin the fight against the unstoppable Locust Horde.

Dominic Santiago
Dom is a vocal, colourful and yet practical soldier. He loyal to a fault, especially with his friends, and has no patience for those that think of themselves first.

Dominic has always believed in his country and his leaders, but his faith has been slipping in the face of this endless war. Dom lost his wife in the Emergence Day cataclysm. For him, the fight against the Horde is deeply personal.

By testifying in Marcus' defence, Dom prevented an execution, but was forced to accept the heavy judgment the military tribunal handed down to his childhood friend. Never forgetting, Dom seized his first opportunity to save Marcuslife, and convinced Lieutenant Minh Young Kim to enlist Marcus into his squad.

Minh Young Kim
Lieutenant Kim is a proud, dedicated and ambitious soldier, a by-the-books believer in all things COG. To Kim, the Coalition of Organized Governments is humanity only hope for survival and feels that it is an honour and privilege to serve as a Gear.

Kim moved quickly through the ranks, but after a run of bad luck he was left leading the misfits of Delta Squad. Feeling undervalued and overlooked, Kim has something to prove.

Only the strength of Dom faith and the scarcity of experienced soldiers convinced Kim to consider bringing former prisoner Fenix into his squad.

Augustus Cole
Cole, aka "The Cole Train", is an adrenaline junkie and former professional thrashball player. He craves action, and prefers to take the most direct path to the Locust Horde in any situation. What he lacks in finesse, he makes up for in raw energy.

Along with his child-like enthusiasm and charm, Cole is supremely confident in his own abilities to overcome anything, regardless of the odds and he hasn been proven wrong yet.

Cole and Damon Baird have served together for years, and he treats Baird as he would an older brother with a younger brother license to torment.

Damon Baird
Despite being a reluctant and cynical soldier, Baird excels at the military life. Baird is perfectly capable of being a successful officer, but has never been promoted due to his poor attitude, short temper and his unwillingness to take on any responsibility.

Baird's greatest strength is his intelligence. He not only fights the Locust, but he studies and observes them as well. He the closest the COG have to an expert, and when Baird tells his comrades to be quiet and listen, they know it is in their best interest to do exactly that.

Baird's only motivation is self preservation. He willing to do whatever it takes to get through the war alive even march along side a troublemaker like Fenix.

Locust Horde
Intelligent savages, these pale, thick-skinned humanoid beasts will not stop until they've taken their rightful place on the surface of the planet. They have one goal: eliminate all humans.

We don know what they are... Most scientists believe theye a mutated version of Sera's native life forms. A minority claim they're aliens. Ask any Gear and they'll tell you the Locust come straight from hell itself.

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