Gametrak Direct Motion Capture System (Accessories)

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Real World Golf uses Gametrak to measure your swing 60 times per second - in real time.

This allows the system to track not just the speed you hit the ball, but the angle of your club face, the height of your swing - in fact, everything you can do in real golf can be done in Real World Golf.For example, you can open and close the club face to fade or draw the ball - curving it from left to right or vice versa. Coming under the ball will add backspin, useful for stopping the ball on the green.

All this is done, in real time, by adjusting your swing - no menus, button presses or joysticks required - this is like having your own private golf course!Real World Golf has been designed for experienced golfers and novices alike.

Newcomers to the game can choose to play with Amateur clubs, which are very forgiving and a great introduction to the game.

More experienced players may choose Semi-Pro or Professional-level clubs, which require more a more precise and smooth swing, but which can drive the ball much further.

SKU: 181413-product
Release Date: 26/08/2005