Gamescom 2010: SquareEnix unveils new shooter Gun Loco

Developer SquareEnix is to venture into the third-person shooter genre with the launch of an all-new Xbox 360 exclusive game called Gun Loco.

The Japanese gamemaker revealed the title at the Gamescom industry show in Germany, with the game promising to offer a distinctly quirky and off-the-wall take on shooter conventions.

Gun Loco takes place on a prison planet in the depths of remote space, where some of the galaxy's maddest criminals fight it out with each other for supremacy among the ruins of an ancient civilisation.

The game will feature a unique, offbeat artstyle from Hong Kong toy designer Kenny Wong and is based around the mechanic of "sprint-action play", with combatants dashing from cover to cover to gain tactical advantages over their multiplayer opponents.
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Sarah Hoeksma of SquareEnix said: "Gun Loco's comic characterisation and furious gameplay is a fantastic take on the third-person shooter and offers the kind of unique twist that only SquareEnix can provide."

The developer is best known for its work on blockbuster roleplaying games such as Final Fantasy XIII, a chart-topping hit on Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 this year.

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