GAME's Top Ten PlayStation 4 Essentials

We've put our collective heads together and compiled a list of what we think are the Top Ten must-haves for PlayStation 4 owners

The future of PlayStation has arrived. That's right, the PlayStation 4 is finally here, and hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who has managed to get one for launch, for Christmas, or about to get one with your Christmas money. Either way - hooray for you!

But as with every new console, there's always the big question: what games and accessories should you get? Well, fear not, because we've put our collective heads together and compiled a list of what we think are the Top Ten must-haves for PlayStation 4 owners...

Killzone Shadow Fall for PlayStation 4 at GAME


Killzone Shadow Fall

SONY's trademark sci-fi shooter was a shoe-in for the launch of their shiny new console, and Killzone Shadow Fall is arguably the best game in the series, and pretty much the best game you can get to show off exactly how good your PS4 is. Both technically and visually, it's the real stand-out launch title for the console.

The graphics are truly spectacular, a full 1080p HD futuristic world that feels uncannily real. The storyline boasts espionage and intrigue in a divided city where no-one is truly innocent. And the gameplay throws up a genuinely different shooter experience with a variety of combat options, aggressive enemy AI and a flying drone to help you out of tight spots. The campaign is chunkier than most, and the multiplayer lets you design and shape your own arenas. Looks great, plays great - the perfect starter for your new console.

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Knack for PlayStation 4 at GAME



Crash Bandicoot. Spyro. Jak and Daxter. Ratchet and Clank. All great platformers from PlayStation's past, and in Knack, that legacy lives on. This fun family adventure comes from the mind of Mark Cerny, the man behind the games on that list and chief architect of the PS4 itself. If any launch game has a better pedigree than that, we'd like to hear it!

But what of the game itself? You play as the titular Knack, a kind-of robot made from mysterious relics brought forth to save mankind and end their war against invading goblins. Through an array of colourful and exciting levels, you'll be able to absorb more relics as well as bits of wood, metal and ice to expand in size, strength and stamina, giving you fresh abilities and fresh challenges. It's not the most in-depth or challenging of games, but that's kind of the point - Knack is a fun, simple platformer in the classic style, and one you can just pick up and play.

12 Month PlayStation Plus Membership for PlayStation 4 at GAME


PlayStation Plus12 Month Membership

If you want to play online on your PlayStation 4, you'll need to sign up for PlayStation Plus membership. But that's not the only reason - PlayStation Plus also gives you a host of other premium features that makes subscribing for 12 Months more than worthwhile.

There's the Instant Game Collection, which gives you access to download and play full games every month - yours to keep as long as you're a PS Plus Member. There's also a host of exclusive discounts and offers on full games and add-ons, as well as exclusive and first-look access to demos and betas. Plus there's Cloud Storage space to let you back-up your game saves online, and even access them from any other PS4 in the world, picking up where you left off! PlayStation Plus really is the ultimate addition to any PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Vita at GAME


PlayStation Vita

As we all know, PlayStation Vita is a powerful handheld in its own right. But it's a fantastic companion device for the PlayStation 4, too, letting you take the action away from the console and into your hands for Remote Play.

Almost every PS4 game has been built to for Remote Play, which transmits the action of the game from your PS4 to your PS Vita via a local Wi-Fi connection. And with the PlayStation 4 doing all the heavy lifting, you can get the full graphical and gameplay experience wherever you are in the house without any loss in quality (even if there is a loss in screen size!). So, if someone else in the house wants to watch TV you can continue to play without interruption. Plus, you can even use it as a second controller on a number of games, making it the ideal accessory, whether you want to share your PS4 gaming or keep it to yourself!

Battlefield 4 for PlayStation 4 at GAME


Battlefield 4

For a more traditional shooter, look no further than the latest chapter in this first-person franchise. Battlefield 4 absolutely shines on PlayStation 4, with the series' signature multiplayer experience exploding on a massive scale, enhancing the experience tenfold from playing it on PlayStation 3.

For starters, there are ten colossal maps, a whole host of new and exciting vehicles and, best of all, 63 other players to join the fray. Battlepacks, filled with XP and extras, are awarded throughout play adding new elements of chance. Matches can last up to half an hour with real back and forth action. The dynamic maps and game-changing Levolution features offer more tactical freedom and combat challenges than ever. And, of course, there's the campaign mode, too, offering a slice of against-the-odd single player action. In short, Battlefield 4 on PS4 is bigger and better in every way.

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FIFA 14 for PlayStation 4 at GAME



For a pitch-perfect PlayStation 4 game, look no further than FIFA 14. The best-selling footie franchise arrives in the next generation giving the proverbial 110% thanks to the powerful new Ignite Engine. Delivering better animation, rendering and real-time physics, and giving each player a more human-like individual intelligence, this is the smartest and best looking version of the game to date.

Plus, of course, it offers the same bells and (full-time)whistles as the PS3 version of the game. An incomparable list of teams, players and pitches. Improved shooting and ball physics. A whole heap of game modes. And there's the online champion that is FIFA Ultimate Team - which you can carry over from your PS3, too, and pick up where you left it. The beautiful game just got that bit more beautiful on PS4.

Dualshock 4 for PlayStation 4 at GAME


DualShock 4

A spare controller is always a must-have when getting a new console, and PlayStation 4 is no exception. After all, you'll need a second controller to play your mates at FIFA 14. Or battle them in Injustice: Ultimate Edition. Or adventure together in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes or Skylanders SWAP Force. It's also always handy to have a spare controller so you can seamlessly swap over when one runs out of charge, keeping the action going while you plug the powerless one in to recharge. Plus, the Dualshock 4 comes in a choice of three colours - basic black, Magma Red and Wave Blue - helping you keep a better idea of who's using which controller... or just adding a bit of colour to your PS4!

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag for PlayStation 4 at GAME


Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag

Welcome to the Caribbean. Tropical islands. Idyllic views. And pirates, Assassins and Templars battling their way through it all in the latest instalment of the Assassin's Creed series. Black Flag is the biggest AC game to date, taking in the sun, sea and sand of the Golden Age of Piracy. Playing as pirate Edward Kenway, you'll be pulled into the ancient war between Templars and Assassins, bringing a swashbuckling style to the proceedings.

Black Flag offers a massive open world game littered with so many side-missions and tasks you might even forget about the main story. You'll encounter real-life figures like Blackbeard, explore islands, raid enemy vessels and battle ship-to-ship in a return of last year's Naval combat. Plus there's a fun multiplayer mode and an extra hour of gameplay for PlayStation owners. Yo ho ho indeed.

Read Our Review - GAME's Verdict: 9/10

Need For Speed Rivals for PlayStation 4 at GAME


GAMEware Dual Controller Charger for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita

If we've convinced you to get a PS Vita to go with your PS4, then this is a real must-have accessory. Our Dual Controller Charger will charge one Dualshock 4 and one PS Vita at the same time, saving on having loads of leads and plugs and saving on your energy bills. The LED Charging Indicator will let you know when they're charged, and the USB cable can be plugged into any compatible device or socket, giving you the choice to charge where and when you want. Plus, it's a neat and tidy way to store your Dualshock 4 and PS Vita during when you're not using them.

£20 Xbox Live Credit for PlayStation 4 at GAME


PSN £15 Wallet Top Up

PlayStation Network is home to all sorts of games, add ons, movies, music and more, with a massive library to browse and purchase from. Adding this £15 Top Up to your PSN Wallet will give you the freedom to make your first purchases in the PlayStation Store without any worry about over-spending. Just remember, you don't have to spend it all at once, either, just keep your Wallet Topped-Up for when you do see something you need - or just want...

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