Game of Thrones: Night King Mask (Clothing and Merchandise)

Assume leadership of the White Walkers when you don the Game of Thrones: Night King Mask. 

This highly detailed and officially licensed Night King Mask is a must have collectors piece for any Game of Thrones fan - bringing the terrifying nature of the Night King to life.

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Cold and terrifying with a piercing gaze, the Night King is master and first of the White Walkers. Little is known of him, but that he appears to have only one goal - to add to his army. This rings true to the nature of the first White Walker - to be the ultimate embodiment of death. 

With this fantastic collectors quality latex mask you too can become all things deathly and terrifying! Hand painted with a highly detailed finish, you'll be sure to cause the room to freeze when you enter! 

Designed to fit round the wearers head with a realistic finish, this mask will be great for cosplay, Halloween or as a collectors piece! 
SKU: 744906-product
Release Date: 24/06/2019