GAME and Watch Dogs in Paris

Join the GAME Community and Social Team as travelled to France to get a hands on experience of the latest game from Ubisoft - Watch Dogs!

We recently jetted off to a swanky venue in Paris with Ubisoft to check out Watch Dogs, ahead of its 27 May launch! We were sat down for an entire day in a dark, suave, blue lit room to play and explore as much of Watch Dogs’ Chicago as possible – until the Ubisoft reps were forced to prise the controller from our Vulcan grip.

We sit down with Colin Graham, Animation Director on Watch Dogs, in an exclusive three-part developer walkthrough and get to grips with two of the four Digital Trips in the game!


Watch Dogs Walkthrough

Check out our exclusive Watch Dogs gameplay walkthrough with Animation Director, Colin Graham!

In Part 1 of our walkthrough with Colin, we get get introduced to Chicago, check out the GPS system, discover Aiden's hideout, talk gadget crafting and more!

Part 2 of our walkthrough sees us discover how hacking leads to extra gameplay as we tackle crimes, visit some local shops and check out the Cars On Demand app!

Things get crazy in Part 3, as we get taken through Digital Trips (SPIDER TANK!!) as well as taking in the virtual Chicago and seeing just how secrets can lead to gameplay!

Watch Dogs Digital Trip - Zombies

What if sound-induced, mind-altering states allow you to explore an entirely new aspect of the world? Welcome to Watch Dogs digital trips!

The Madness digital trip, sends Aiden on a post-apocalyptic, zombie killing spree... in a beast of a motor! Your car of doom will start out as a moving battering ram, but can be leveled up, unlocking crazy abilities, such as zombie churning side-blasting wheels or an energy beam of cold hard death which will obliterate giant groups of zombies.

In a word. Fun.

Watch Dogs Digital Trip - Spider Tank

Join us in a lighter, more arcade-y side of Watch Dogs in hyper-connected Chicago, as the GAME Community Team were lucky enough to try (and fail) to take a quick run as a Spider Tank before the game's release!

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Release Date: 28/05/2014