FUSION Pro 3 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X&S (Xbox Series X)

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Capture the leaderboard with an officially licensed PowerA FUSION Pro 3 Wired Controller for Xbox Series X/S.

This premium gamepad boasts competition-grade components and performance features to give you a serious advantage in solo or multiplayer games. Map up to four integrated Advanced Gaming Buttons on-the-fly, dial-in three-way trigger locks to anticipate and adapt in seconds and swappable ALPS analog thumbsticks.

Magnetic impulse triggers provide tournament-level precision and response, while dual rumble motors and a 3.5mm stereo jack help bring your games to life. Add anti-friction rings, a share button and a volume dial with one-touch mic mute, and you’re ready to settle in for any epic quest. Includes a custom storage case.
Advanced Gaming Buttons
The FUSION Pro 3 adapts to your gaming style with four integrated mappable buttons you can program on-the-fly to perform any control function. Minimizing thumb and forefinger movement by activating your middle and ring fingers lets you maximize your efficiency and reaction time.

Unparalleled Control
Premium Alps analog thumbsticks react with flawless precision for mission-critical responsiveness during the most demanding gaming challenges. Plus, magnetic impulse triggers with 3-way locks provide pinpoint accuracy and immersive feedback for the ultimate in performance and realism.

Full Immersive Gaming
The FUSION Pro 3 has everything you need to experience your game like a pro, including dual rumble motors that provide nuanced feedback replicating everything from distant footsteps to cataclysmic earthquakes. Add a volume dial with one-touch mic mute and a 3.5mm audio jack for captivating lifelike stereo sound and you are in the game. Plus, a share button ensures you can broadcast your legendary feats near and far.

Make It Your Own
The Fusion Pro 3 comes with four easy-to-use swappable thumbsticks so you can customize your controller’s feel to your play style—no matter the game. Choose from short or tall sticks, and concave or convex caps for an ideal fit and optimal control.

Ergonomic Perfection
Now you can game effortlessly through your most epic missions with a controller designed for comfort and performance. Featuring textured rubberized grips on the back, and embedded anti-friction rings for smooth, seamless control, the FUSION Pro 3 is engineered to redefine the gaming experience.
SKU: 827015-product
Release Date: 17/03/2023