Full Gears of War 3 map list confirmed

Epic Games has confirmed the full roster of multiplayer maps that will be included in its forthcoming blockbuster Gears of War 3.

Ten action-packed maps will be available to play in Versus Multiplayer, Beast and Horde mode, including improved versions of battle arenas featured in the recent beta trial, as well as remixed versions of old favourites.

Gears enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that Gridlock, the fan-favourite map from the first two games, will be returning in a new and improved form, while other arenas include Old Town, Thrashball, Trenches, Checkout and Drydock.

Epic has also confirmed that Gears of War 3 will introduce a new Casual Versus Multiplayer setting, which allows rookie players to compete against each other to hone their skills.

The latest all-action episode in the popular trilogy will be released exclusively on Xbox 360 in September 2011 and has already broken pre-order sales records.

It will be released in three separate feature-packed editions and will also include support for stereoscopic 3D visuals.

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Release Date: 31/08/2011