Froth It (Puzzles and Board Games)

Roast the competition by playing clever combinations of Latte Art and action cards that get you to 15 first or knock others out.

Can you be the last barista standing, or the first to froth it like it’s hot?
Each player is given a number 15 card and dealt a hand of 7 cards. The deck features numbered Latte Art cards (1-14), +1 wild cards and action cards. The first person to play a number 1 in the centre begins the game.

On your turn you can do one of the following:
- Play as many Latte Art cards as you like (in a run)
- Play a single action card (there are 4 types in the game)
- Refresh your hand - flip your 15 card to record that you have done this, you can only do this once per round, if you need to do this again you are knocked out of the round.

At the end of each turn, players redraw to 7 cards as necessary. The first player to reach 15 on their turn or the last player standing, wins the round. The first player to win 2 rounds wins the game!
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Release Date: 21/10/2022