From Dusk Till Dawn (PC)

When it comes to the survival horror genre, the veteran behind the Alone in the Dark series, Gamesquad’s Hubert Chardot, is a safe bet to provide the requisite chills. Well, it’s time to get scared again, ‘cos he’s the man behind the PC version of From Dusk Till Dawn.

For those of you not familiar with the film version of From Dusk Till Dawn, do not be dismayed, for the PC version’s adventure goes off at a tangent not featured in the movie or its sequels, so acquaintance with the original story and the characters is not so essential.

What you do have to realise is that, right from the start, your character is in deep trouble. The man you play, Seth Gecko, has been unjustly imprisoned inside a maximum security floating prison ship called The Rising Sun, which just happens to be full of vampires. To protect himself, as well as his fellow human prisoners, Seth has at his disposal 20+ weapons to back him up, including a unique holy water gun, riot gun, an assault rifle, a nail gun and a circular saw. Delightful, but it’s not all hack and slash in From Dusk Till Dawn. As with any survival horror game worth its salt, there’s a lot of creeping around to be done, so as not to attract too much unwanted attention. When you’re concentrating on solving puzzles and collecting items to use on your way through the game, the last thing you need is some ugly bloodsucker clawing at your back, so use that stealth when you have to.

So many film tie-ins dilute the spirit of the subject, but this isn’t the case with From Dusk Till Dawn. Gamesquad has put its own slant on the storyline which allows the player to take the game in an unexpected direction. Fans of the film will not be disappointed, and survival horror fiends, whether familiar with the film or not, will find plenty to satisfy their bloodthirst.
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