Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich (PC)

Freedom Force Vs The Third Reich is a fast-paced tactical role-playing game and will be available to play in both single- and multi-player modes. The graphics are radically enhanced by the introduction of a brand new 3D graphics engine (Gamebryo) which has allowed each character to be tweaked to perfection and has given just the right look for each superhero.

The game is characterised by its 1960s comic book style and will feature an abundance of new characters to choose from. Six new heroes will be introduced from the two distinct eras of comic books. From the silver age we meet Tombstone, Green Genie and Quetzacoatl who will step up to help Freedom Force beat Nuclear Winter. And for the first time ever in gaming, players can take a trip to the golden age of comics and meet three news heroes who will be on hand to help: Sky King, Black Jack and Tricolour.

SKU: 179242-product
Release Date: 22/04/2005