Forza Motorsport Premium Edition (Xbox Series X)

Fast, Fun, and Fair Online Competition: Race the world alongside your friends in Featured Multiplayer with up to 24-player lobbies, new Driver and Safety Ratings that matchmake you with likeminded players and upgraded Forza Race Regulations powered by machine learning that encourage everyone to drive clean and race fair.

Empowered Creator Community: Create and share liveries, unique car builds, tunes, and photos with the most vibrant creator community.

Energizing New Content: Forza Motorsport will continue to evolve and expand over time with regular new career championships and online events to give players fun and unique new challenges to discover. Jump into incredible new cars and tracks, exciting new gameplay experiences as well as fresh modes, features, and content for years to come.

Forza Motorsport Premium Add-On Includes: the Race Day Car Pack, Car Pass, VIP Membership and Welcome Pack.
  • Immerse yourself in over 500 real cars across 20 world-famous environments, including fan favourite locations and multiple track layouts, each featuring fully dynamic time-of-day with weather and unique driving conditions.
  • Out-build the competition using more than 800 performance upgrades in the all-new, fun and rewarding single-player experience, the Builders Cup Career Mode.
  • Race alongside your friends in adjudicated multiplayer events with tire and fuel strategy, a race weekend inspired structure and new driver and safety ratings.
  • Compete with cutting edge AI opponents, advanced physics, powerful assists, new damage and dirt accumulation systems and photorealistic visuals with real-time ray tracing on-track.
  • SKU: 838509-product
    Release Date: 10/10/2022