Forge of Empires (PC)

In the browser game Forge of Empires you can build your own city and experience all of history from its perspective - from the Stone Age on through the centuries.

Explore new technologies that ring in a new era. Leave a mark with unique, contemporary buildings and establish a gigantic metropolis that is unparalleled anywhere. Increase your empire with sophisticated strategic campaigns and skilled actions in Forge of Empires.

Create your own world: Forge your Empire!

  • Eras - Beginning in the Stone Age, you research building types and technologies in order to advance to the next era with your settlement.
  • Single-player campaign - In a full-blown campaign you can build a thriving city and become the ruler of an entire continent.
  • Research - Explore the greatest achievements of mankind and gain access to more advanced units, rare goods and spectacular buildings.
  • City planning - Lead your city through various epochs in the history of mankind. Create unique buildings that make your city look impressive.
  • Battle - Fight exciting battles and win the day with the help of the specialized capabilities of your forces and the nature of the terrain.
  • Compete - Challenge friends and adversaries to a duel on the battlefield and use your tactical skills to teach them a lesson.

In a wintry Forge of Empires, wonderful presents, special rewards and a series of Holiday Season quests await you and your city!

Reach for the Stars
Collect coveted stars during winter quests and exchange them for presents. A very special present is also waiting for you each day! Moreover, if complete all the quests, you’ll be rewarded with new winter-look portraits.

Winter Wonderland in Your City
It's getting cozy: Build gingerbread houses and the confectionary to create a truly festive mood in your city. You can only find those very special buildings in the presents!

Shake and Unwrap
Waiting in the presents are special rewards, a number of useful items and packets to help prepare your city for the New Year. Watch the event video now and join the winter excitement!
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