Flashback 2 - Limited Edition (PlayStation 4)

After a brief exchange with his friend Ian, Conrad B. Hart witnessed his kidnapping, leaving behind high-tech equipment that will be useful for the investigation. Conrad will have no choice but to put on his hero outfit to find answers.

Limited Edition Includes
  • Exclusive Steelbook
  • Digital Soundtrack
  • Go through 5 levels in a semi-open world, through 4 different graphic universes (Jungle, City, Factory, Morph ship).
  • Interconnected game levels that form a semi-open world.
  • vGame designed in 2.5D for more immersion.
  • Multiple goals and obstacles.
  • Drive a mech and get on a motorcycle to get around.
  • Hide to escape and eliminate enemies in silence.
  • SKU: 830369-product
    Release Date: TBC-2024