Fireball Island (Puzzles and Board Games)

After 30 years in the making, come and visit the grand re-opening of Fireball Island - the $2.8 million Kickstarter success! This fully restored version of the 1986 classic offers an amazing new island, a charming new narrative, stunning new components, and engaging new gameplay.

Play cards to race across the island. Gather treasures and take snapshots. And, of course, blast your friends with fireballs! The new version offers more marble mayhem with a dynamic Vul-Kar figure that keeps you guessing where they’ll come out. But make sure you get back to the Hello-copter to really max out your score.

For 2-4 players, age 7+
Fireball Island is, once again, teeming with adventure, treasure, and – you guessed it – fireballs! Make your way up the mountain to grab Vul-Kar’s Heart, then get off the island before the other adventurers can steal it from you. Along the way, you’ll cross bridges, collect treasure, cause earthquakes, rain down fire, and more in this classic game remake.

Note: This is a new, smaller, Target-exclusive, streamlined-by-subtraction version of Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul-Kar. The island is smaller, the box is smaller, the cards, side-quests, treasures, and others have been eliminated to make the game simpler and skew towards a younger audience.
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Release Date: 14/09/2021