FIFA Street to feature in-game social network

EA Sports has announced that the forthcoming FIFA Street will incorporate its own social network features to help players across the world link up and compete.

Dubbed the Street Network, the feature will be built into the new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 when it launches in March 2012, providing fans with new ways of tracking each others' progress and comparing achievements.

Central to the Street Network will be a video recording tool that lets users capture footage of their best tricks and skills to share with and impress their friends.

Producer Sid Misra said: "Street football is all about the one-on-one battle, when you pull off a trick to roast your opponent. The Street Network brings that real-world swagger into the game."

The new game revives the FIFA Street series after a hiatus of several years and is the first to be developed by the core FIFA team at EA Canada.

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Release Date: 23/01/2012