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OK, there’s just too much information in this guide to give a full overview. Look at the book! It’s MASSIVE.

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Release Date: 22/10/2010

OK, there’s just too much information in this guide to give a full overview. Look at the book! It’s MASSIVE. At 448 pages for just the regular edition (480 for the collector’s ed) and OVER 500,000 WORDS between the covers it is a sure bet that this is the single most densely packed, complete strategy guide for a single game ever produced. That’s more words than the first FOUR Harry Potter books combined. This guide has so much information about Fallout: New Vegas that it is going to be used by the publishers testing department as a reference manual. Seriously.

You want more specifics? OK, look at the poster map. It shows every exterior and underground location in the entire game. There are 20% more of them than there were in Fallout 3. Plus it marks all points of interest as well as giving visual representations of faction influence over all territories. There is no way to get the entire game world map all at once in-game! This poster is the only time you’ll see the entire Mojave Wasteland laid out end to end.

What’s that? The poster doesn’t have interior maps? Or detailed views of important exterior locations? You’re right, the poster doesn’t show those things because they’re all inside the book. The Tour section is where you’ll find fantastically detailed maps of all interiors and exteriors of interest. And every one has rooms and item stashes labeled to guide you to the good stuff. Plus you get a threat level to know whether you can handle the location at your current level. PLUS each location has faction info and tells you if it is part of a Side or Main Quest.

And speaking of quests… Sure, you could figure out the Main Quests, where they are and how to do them. I suppose. But can you tell what the different faction alliances will get you? How being friends with the Legion and enemies of Mr. House will affect the outcome of your game? Can you figure out, on your first playthrough, how aligning with the NCR will change the way the Powder Gangers look at you? No you can’t! Not unless you spend hundreds of hours playing through every possible combination of skill checks and faction alliances. Luckily, Prima has done just that and every Main Quest walkthrough shows the multitude of choices the player can make as well as how those will change the playthrough. You can pick out just who you want to tick off and who you want to adore you. Plus we give full information on what each reward is for all quests, Main and Side.

Oh right, Side Quests. We nearly forgot about the dozens and dozens and DOZENS of Side Quests. Oh wait, no we didn’t! Every single Side Quest is covered in the Prima Fallout: New Vegas guide. How to start them, where to go and what to do to complete them, as well as the consequences (if any) to the factions you’re courting or battling.

It’s exhausting just talking about how exhaustive the information is in Prima’s Fallout: New Vegas guide. If you don’t believe me just pick up a copy and hold it. I will bet you that you cannot hold it straight out at arm’s length for more than five minutes. Heck, I’ll be surprised if you can do it for three minutes.

Guide Overview:

  • Complete Crafting knowledge, living off the land, and Hardcore Mode survival.
  • Character archetypes give you examples for every type of play style.
  • Advice on every Attribute, Skill, and Perk available, and how to develop your character.
  • Reputation interaction advice, including a map showing every single Faction stronghold!
  • Stats for every weapon, outfit, and ingestible so you can quickly compare items. Incredibly thorough Main Quest (including all Faction choices), Side Quests (over 70 missions), and Free Quests (over 90 missions)!
  • Every map location revealed, along with hidden caches, all collectibles, and every unique weapon.
  • TRAINING: Covering every aspect of character creation, from choosing the correct and complementary Attributes, Skills, and Perks, to the necessary armor and outfits for all types of interaction. Combat is thoroughly detailed, along with all the Recipes you can Craft, how to survive Hardcore Mode, and what Companions complement your style of play.
  • FACTIONS AND BESTIARY: A history of every major (and minor) faction, from the Slavers of Caesar’s Legion to the New California Republic, the omnipotent Mr. House who rules the Vegas families, to the Super Mutants of Jacobstown. The Bestiary has statistics for every single type of entity you’ll face, including the loot they drop, and the dangers they pose.
  • GUNS & GEAR: The most vital of chapters for statisticians; this lists every available armament in the game, from Bumper Swords to Zap Gloves, and how effective it is in combat, so you can compare every weapon with every other weapon and pick the very best. There’s extensive tables for all outfits, and ingestible goods too, so you can wear and eat only the most beneficial items.
  • MAIN QUEST: The sprawling Main Quest is covered thoroughly, beginning with a flow chart of every major action, listing every conversation choice that affects the Quest, and how to deal with every Faction once you start to ally with a particular benefactor. Your ongoing tasks are called out in easily-digestible chunks, so you now what to do, and when to do it.
  • SIDE QUESTS: With over 70 Side Quests to attempt, these are listed for easy reference in alphabetical order, along with a flow-chart, and a flag showing your character’s recommended experience level, and the Factions involved. All Quest choices, and possible outcomes are shown, along with every major entity you interact with. Don’t leave Goodsprings without this!
  • TOUR: A gargantuan exploration of the entire Mojave Wasteland is presented. Over 200 Primary Locations (and almost as many Secondary Locations that don’t appear on your Pip-Boy’s World Map) are cataloged; with threats, quests, entities, ammo stashes, collectibles, crafting locations, and Free Quests (of which there are over 90) all revealed.
  • APPENDICES: Fourteen charts allow you to read on the game Endings, all the Challenges, Achievements, every type of Collectible location (including a detailed description so you can easily find anything you need), and even every strange occurrence if you chose the infamous Wild Wasteland Trait!
  • POSTER: A huge sprawling poster shows every location of interest in the Mojave Wasteland, including roads, rivers, perimeters, underground links, Faction threats, Unique Weapons, Companions, Weapon Upgrade vendors, and much, much more!
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