Fallout 4 - Vault Boy Shooting Fingers T-Shirt XLarge (Size-XL)

The widely-recognized mascot of the inimitable Vault-Tec Corporation, Vault Boy is a familiar sight all over the post-apocalyptic wasteland; he appears in their advertisements, training films, manuals, and products. He even appears in the form of bobbleheads that grant significant power-up boosts when collected.
In the Fallout universe, Vault Boy represents you, the player, in your quest to survive the wastes and either help or hurt its various inhabitants. Show that the world that you know full well the significance of the character and his trademark grin with this durable and fashionable officially-licensed Fallout 4 shirt. Impress your friends and frighten those feral Deathclaws with this shirt fashioned from pristine and dependable cotton that is guaranteed to keep you cool even as things heat up.

War never changes, and neither does good fashion. War never changes, and neither does good fashion. This shirt is bound to bring out the meddlesome wasteland scavenger in everyone.
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Release Date: TBC-2015