Fallout 4 (Xbox One)

The award-winning creators, Bethesda Game Studios, brings you to a dangerous open-world with mutated creatures and hungry animals roaming. Nuclear bombs destroy the American Dream and you are rescued and saved from the atomic war, but when you wake up 210 years later you’re the only one left.

Just as you believe that you and your family are safe, your child is taken away and your wife is brutally killed. As you awake, you roam The Commonwealth in the USA in this post-nuclear war devastation in attempt to find your son and avenge your beloved wife. Think you have what it takes in this terrifying world?

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Bethesda Game Studios introduce you to the world of post-nuclear war. After you and your family escaped The Commonwealth before the nuclear war begun, you were the only one to survive after your wife was brutally murdered and your child was kidnapped.

210 years later you wake up and looking for revenge for your wife and with hope to find out what happened to your child. But when you step out of Vault 111, the world isn’t how you remembered it. America is now full of nuclear waste, destroyed buildings and mutated creatures and you must venture into the dangerous world to survive.

Battle through the American nightmare in this open-world game and enjoy the freedom of choosing what you want to do, who you meet and what quests you complete. You can even choose dialogue options! 

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Release Date: 10/11/2015