Fallblox (2DS/3DS)

Welcome to the world of Fallblox! Get ready to push your brain to the limit with 140 new levels, 90 training exercises and a unique addition to the puzzling gameplay: gravity!

It’s a wonderful sunny day over in Fallblox Park and everyone’s getting ready to have some fun. Unfortunately, Mallo has accidentally scared all the brightly coloured Carrier Birds of Fallblox Park away! There’s only one thing for it – he’ll have to bring them all back! And so begins Mallo’s latest adventure, packed with all the pulling, jumping, climbing and falling you could ever want from a puzzle game…

Please Note: Fallblox for Nintendo 3DS is 192 Blocks (23 MB). Check that you have enough space on your SD Card to download and install this title, if you need more storage space click here for our range of fully compatible SD Cards.

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Release Date: TBD