F6F Hellcat- Add On for Microsoft Simualtor X (PC)

F6F HellCat is an Expansion Pack For FlightSimulator X which features:

  • 2x Models are included, the F6F-3 and F6F-5
  • 3D Gauges for realism
  • Authentic aircraft sounds
  • Weapons pack: Guns, Rockets and Bombs
  • Deployable fuel tank with realistic fuel management
  • Parked animations (Gun bays and chocks)
  • Operational wing folding mechanism
  • Arrest hook for carrier operations
  • Highly detailed and animated pilot
  • Realistic lighting and glass on shiny materials
  • Fully operable and functional lighting panel
  • Exhaust smoke from engine start-up and engine flames
  • Cockpit night lighting
  • Canopy open and close animations
  • PDF Simulation manual and virtual cockpit knee board
  • 14 Paint schemes, USA, French, British and Yugoslavian
  • Realistic Engine Start-up and shut down procedures
  • Realistic engine management
  • Detailed scenery objects: Bomb cart, towing tractor and ammo
  • Compatible with Service Pack 1, 2 and Acceleration
SKU: 220184-product
Release Date: 04/12/2009