F1 2011 to introduce safety car feature

Developer Codemasters has provided details of the new safety car feature that has been introduced in its new racer F1 2011.

This year's instalment of the popular Formula One series will be the first to include this real-life event, in which a slow-moving vehicle will emerge on the track to regulate speed during caution periods.

Its introduction will add a whole new tactical dimension to races, as players will be able to time their entrances into the pit lane when the safety car appears, allowing them to get a lap advantage over their competitors.

Drivers will also need to consider the distance they will need to keep between themselves and other cars, while performing weaving sequences to keep their tyres hot.

Stephen Hood, chief games designer on F1 2011, said: "Safety car - a lot of people have been asking us for it. We'd always said we'd only do it when it was absolutely right."

F1 2011 is out this week on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, while special handheld versions are also being developed alongside Sumo Digital for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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Release Date: 21/09/2011