Excalibur Publishing Simulations Collection Vol. 1 (PC)

An exciting collection of simulation products from Excalibur Publishing.  The collection includes Bus Simulator 2, Crane Simulator, Digger Simulator and Tow Truck Simulator.

BUS SIMULATOR 2: All Aboard! as you start your career as a bus driver, plying your trade for fares.  Take control of the wheel as you aim to become a public transport mogul and build a successful bus company. With twelve detailed buses to drive and a huge map, featuring everything from the inner city to the harbour, villages and country roads, the choice of route network is yours. Create your business to best serve your customers and to generate profit. Will you continue to expand your fleet of service buses or will you venture into the lucrative coach tour market?

CRANE SIMULATOR: Crane Simulator 2009 allows you to take a seat in the control cab of some of the most powerful, compact and manoeuvrable virtual cranes and puts you to work at the dizzy heights of the experts!  Not for the feint-hearted! In Crane Simulator 2009 player must operate in the most diverse areas and includes a variety of challenges. There are all manner of different scenarios that must be mastered to improve your skills.   You can construct pre-fabricated houses, load ships or even attach a bridge system to a skyscraper. To complete these assignments you must move walls, ceilings, stairs, and steel beams to their positions, load huge containers, and carry heavy equipment. You will even need to prove your worth on the night shift!   Depending on the level of difficulty you select you will be required to show complete accuracy to place your load exactly on the spot!  The better you do it, and the faster you are the more points you earn.

DIGGER SIMULATOR: From a small steam shovel to a huge bucket wheel with a length of 240 metres, you take control of everything.  Starting with excavating the footings, with the help of the extensive control unit you have to control the digger’s chassis, paddle and arm.   As well as the bucket wheel and steam shovel, you will also need to take control of bulldozers, crawler-type loaders and dumper trucks to execute all the tasks involved in working at a busy gravel pit.  

Digger Simulator’s detailed graphics and beautifully designed vehicles serve to make this product as realistic a building site simulation as possible, due in no small part to the realistic controls.  It even features multiple camera angles so you can check your rear-end swing!

TOW TRUCK SIMULATOR: No more waiting on the hard shoulder to be rescued!  Tow Truck Simulator places you in the role of the driver and operator of a rescue truck as you become the hero of the hour and rescue broken down vehicles and attend accidents.  Or perhaps you will prefer to take the role of the driver of infamous and dreaded towing truck and tow away illegally parked cars.  
There are four models of tow trucks for you to choose from each with a crane and winch to remove every kind of vehicle.  You will learn how to handle different cars to get them loaded as quickly as possible!
The large detailed 3D environment allows you to freely explore the roads around you whilst searching for drivers in distress.

- Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
- Pentium 4 processor with 2 GHz
- 1 GB RAM ( 2 GB RAM Windows Vista, 7 and 8)
- Approximately 7 GB of free hard disk space
- Dedicated graphics card. At least a GeForce 6800 or Radeon X850 graphic card with 128 MB video memory
- DirectX® 9.0c
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