Everybody 1-2-Switch! (Switch)

Laugh it up at your next game night!
Whether you’re summoning aliens or snapping colorful photos with your phone’s camera, mix up your next get-together with the Everybody 1-2- Switch! game. Grab some Joy-Con™ controllers* or a whole bunch of smart devices** for team-based games that are easy to set up.

Perfect for parties of any size
Any group size from 2 to 100 (yes, 100!) can team up and get moving in certain games—up to 8 players in Joy-Con mode* or up to 100 players in smart device mode.

Express yourself
When playing with Joy-Con controllers, you can throw balls at fellow Team Contest players in between games. When playing with a smart device, you can type up a note or an in-game emoji for all to see.

Get weird together in Team Contest
In Team Contest, two groups compete to see which can win a certain number of games first. Many games have several variations that change up the rules or add extra challenge. Hope you’ve got a strong core, because playing these games with friends might have you bust a gut laughing. (Metaphorically speaking. Please laugh responsibly.)
  • Supports play in TV Mode and Tabletop Mode. Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite. Additional accessories may be required (sold separately).
  • Play with up to 8 players using Joy-Cons or up to 100 players in smart device mode.
  • Games are easy to set up with the help of your horse host, Horace.
  • Play games such as: Balloons, UFOs, Bingo, Joy-Con Hide & Seek, Hip Bump & Jump Rope.
  • SKU: 832095-product
    Release Date: 30/06/2023