EverQuest II with Kingdom of Sky Expansion (PC)

Enter the secret world of the Overrealm, high above Norrath and home to majestic Aviaks and other never-before-encountered creatures. Explore enormous floating islands, firmly in the grasp of the warring dragons who rule them. Envelop yourself in intrigue and unravel the insidious plot hatched by these ancient dragonlords who, given the chance, will destroy all of Norrath!


  • Engage in player-vs-player combat if you so choose - prove your mastery over the rest of Norrath's denizens.
  • Progress your character to level 70 and your guild to level 50. Earn and equip titles, armour, profession hats and pauldrons for greater individuality than ever before.
  • Focus your character's abilities in new experience-based special categories. Embark on Signature, Heritage and Collection Quests for powerful artifacts, status and weapons drawn from EverQuest's legendary lineage.
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