OUYA Credit - Your Easy Guide

Every game is free to try on OUYA, but when you find one you like so much you want to buy it, OUYA Credit is what you'll need.

OUYA Credit is sold in denominations of £10 ($15) or £17 ($25). All OUYA games are currently only priced in US Dollars, which is why your top-up shows you both currencies. This should be changing to Pounds Sterling for UK gamers in the future, and we'll let you know the date for this as soon as we can.

How to redeem your OUYA Top-Up

Already Have An OUYA Account?

1. Sign in to your OUYA
2. Go to Manage › Account › Payment Info
3. Select "Redeem a code"
4. Enter the code from your receipt or email

Don't Have An OUYA Account?
No Problem! Enter the code on the Payment screen when you first sign up for your OUYA account.

OUYA Credit

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