Empires: Dawn of the Modern World (PC)

Empires: Dawn of the Modern World is a real-time strategy title where players control unique civilisations across a timeline that spans from the Middle Ages to the modern era encompassing some of the most popular periods in the history of the world from AD 950 to AD 1950 including the Middle Ages the Gunpowder Age the Imperial Age WWI and WWII.

Each nation has its own distinctive gameplay based on its traditional strengths and weaknesses. For example the English were masters of the sea in the Gunpowder Age the Germans had the superior armour and infantry of WWII and the Chinese used gunpowder years before the nations of Western Europe. Each civilisation has its own historically based units and abilities. Stainless Steel Studios has included the most interesting units from the past including the plague-ridden cow carcasses flung by the Medieval English and the German V2 Rocket. Gamers lead their nations economic growth and military campaigns in their effort to dominate the world.

In single-player mode gamers can play randomly generated map games and do battle against up to seven other AI opponents or play story-based campaigns based on the powerful military heroes Richard the Lionheart Admiral Yi or General Patton. In multi-player mode players can either engage or play alongside up to seven friends online.


  • 1000 of the most significant years in history: rule from 950 AD to 1950 AD
  • Historically based civilisations: command one of several distinctive nations
  • Historically accurate units and abilities - battle on land at sea and in air
  • Single or multiplayer game mode - lead troops to battle in story-based campaigns
  • Spectacular graphics: cutting edge 3D graphics and a zooming camera

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Release Date: 24/10/2003