Editor's Choice - Xbox One Exclusives Coming in 2014

We pick some of the best exclusive games touching down this year that truly show off the Xbox One's power

Editor's Choice

The dust is finally settling after the heady launches of the next gen consoles last year. While fans from both factions continue to fight it out online about sales figures, exclusives and 'my RAM is better than your RAM', you've obviously chosen Team Xbox One - and like the PS4, it's a fabulous choice. But now you have your hands on Microsoft's latest and greatest (or at least plan to), what games will be touching down this year that truly show off the X1's power?

Titanfall for Xbox One at GAME


Release Date: 11th March

Created by the chaps who set up Infinity Ward (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), this is the exclusive that has Xbox One owners (and, techincally, Xbox 360 and PC owners, too) sounding oh-so-smug in their online postings. An online multiplayer-only title, strap yourself into vast robots (said Titans) or choose to head out on foot as two teams go head to head on a war-torn planet. Expect glorious graphics, streamlined gameplay and COD-esque levels of adrenaline rushes by the truck/mech load.

Quantum Break for Xbox One at GAME

Quantum Break

Release Date TBC

Aiming to straddle the yawning divide between videogames and TV, this third-person shooter sees you blessed with the ability to manipulate time. Adding a twist to this core gameplay are the TV episodes that unlock at key points in the game where your actions have a direct impact on the storylines. Now factor in the ability to shift from the heroes' perspective to the villain's and you have possibly the most ambitious next gen game yet - but if there's one developer who can pull it off, it's Quantum Break's developer Remedy, who crafted Alan Wake and Max Payne. Not a bad pedigree...

Kinect Sports Rivals for Xbox One at GAME

Kinect Sports Rivals

Release Date: Spring

You've already been blown away by the new Kinect's voice-recognition abilities, and probably wheezed up lung ploughing through Xbox Fitness - but to truly appreciate the power of the new Kinect 2.0, you'll want to pick up Sports Rivals where your noggin and body are scanned and recreated in-game (with beer gut removed and a six-pack added). You'll then compete against the world in a series of sports including tennis, bowling, wake race, climbing and more. Gaming has never been so good for you.

Project Spark for Xbox One at GAME

Project Spark

Release Date TBC

A game-making, erm, game, this is another deeply ambitious title for the Xbox One that gives you a digital canvas on which to create your own, well, games. Spend hours creating your own title in pretty much any genre you want before uploading it for other people to play (and download whatever they've dreamt up too). If the idea of starting from scratch sounds a tad overwhelming though, fret not because there are several pre-designed levels to give you a leg up on the way to becoming the world's greatest sofa-bound game designer...

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