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Editor's Choice

Tokyo Jungle on PlayStation Network for PS3 at GAME

A post-apocalyptic Earth? Where humankind has become extinct? Now do stop yawning at the back because this time it's different thanks to PSN-exclusive Tokyo Jungle, an intriguing, funny (and decidedly furry) take on the end of the world...

You know how it is. In videogame terms, if the Earth has fallen then it invariably means grabbing a shotgun and heading out to fight off zombies/aliens/mutants. But instead of that menagerie of gaming cliches, Tokyo Jungle gives you an actual menagerie to play with. And a kennel. And a cage; heck, an entire zoo- and city-farm's worth of critters to use as you explore a post-apocalyptic world where the humans have mysteriously vanished, seemingly leaving the contents of Noah's Ark in charge.

Set in Japan's capital, it's an urban jungle where animals of all shapes and sizes must fight, feed (or flee) to survive. Presented as a 3D sandbox game, players will initially find themselves controlling Paris Hilton's favourite fashion accessory, a meat-eating Pomeranian, or making like a vegetable-loving Bambi by playing as a deer. From there, the world is your oyster as you scout the land, marking your territory, trying to mate with the best of your species, and taking down weaker links in the food chain (while hiding from the bruisers).

Lions, tigers, dogs and dinosaurs in Tokyo Jungle on PSN for PlayStation 3 at GAME

The Survival mode is the game's meat and potatoes (well, Pedigree Chum) challenging you to survive as many years as possible before ending up sandwiched between a tiger's jaws. The longer you survive and mate, the more you 'power up'; your offspring becoming stronger and stronger so you can last longer on your next try. Reach certain milestones and you'll unlock chapters in the Story Mode that reveal exactly what happened to your poor beleaguered human masters.

This may all sound quite serious but it's not - humour and nuttiness form the very core of this black-humoured game. What other game lets you flee from a tiger while playing as a chicken? Keep progressing through the game, and you'll unlock new animals too - from foxes and hyenas through to hungry hippos.

Oh, and did we mention the dinosaurs?

Imaginative, fresh and different - not words often associated with videogaming apocalypse, but Tokyo Jungle is the exception that proves the rule. And it does it with style, humour. And a whole lot of clucking.

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Release Date: 21/09/2012