Editor's Choice - PlayStation 4 Launch Games

PlayStation 4 is ready to wow us, but what launch games should you be unfurling those hard-earned notes for?

Editor's Choice

Last week, it was Xbox One's chance to wow us but now enters its sworn enemy, the PlayStation 4. While Killzone Shadow Fall is a must-buy for anyone wanting to see the console's next-gen power, what other launch games should you be unfurling those hard-earned notes for?

Call of Duty Ghosts on PlayStation 4 at GAME

Call of Duty: Ghosts

The juggernaut that is COD rolls on, this time with an all-new story, destructible environments, muscled-up multiplayer and, erm, a playable dog called Riley at your beck and maul. Is COD the last word in FPS originality, though? Well no, but the series remains an adrenaline-soaked experience thanks to its barnstorming multiplayer.

Resogun on PlayStation 4 at GAME


A tribute to the classic Defender coin-op, this is a masterclass in twitch gaming from the developer of PS3 classic Super Stardust HD that features frantic side-scrolling shoot 'em up action - rescue survivors and blast enemies, all in glorious Voxel graphics (in layman's terms, the game world is made up of million of building blocks that shatter in real time when hit. So now you know). Best of all, Resogun is free if you sign up to PlayStation Plus.

LEGO MArvel Super Heroes on PlayStation 4 at GAME

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Traveller's Tales' open-world take on the comic giant's characters and universe is epic, thrilling (and distinctly plastic brick-shaped), and guaranteed to leave fans cooing in delight as yet another obscure character from the Marvel canon pops up onscreen. True, the graphic upgrades aren't huge but when gaming is this fun, family friendly and can be played on a PS Vita via Remote Play too, who cares?

Need for Speed Rivals on PlayStation 4 at GAME

Need For Speed: Rivals

With no next gen Gran Turismo and DriveClub now missing the launch, Need For Speed: Rivals will more than ably fill the gap marked "driving game" in your PS4 collection. A tale of cops and racers that sees you play on both sides of the law rather than a straight-up driving sim, this still offers the high octane racing that PlayStation launches are used to, and wide open roads that you'd expect on a next gen console. With a stress on high risk, high reward gameplay and some glorious cars to drive, you can't help but feel the need...

Honourable Mentions

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The happy-stabbin' series continues but now with piracy and sea battles taking centre stage. PS4 owners will enjoy the latest patch that boosts the quality of the graphics even more, as well as an hour's extra gameplay.


The world's best footie action has gone next gen, now in 1080p and running at 60 frames a second, all while featuring dynamic crowds, better controls and super fast loading times. Job done. Well, until the inevitable FIFA 15 that is.

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Release Date: 28/11/2013