Editor's Choice - NeverDead

Editor's Choice

You're guaranteed to lose your head over this, the world's first game to feature self-dismemberment as a weapon. Welcome to the twisted world of NeverDead on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Framing this unique gaming mechanic is Bryce Boltzman, who fought a Demon Lord some 500 years ago, had his bottom handed to him on a plate, and was cursed with immortality (and subsequently the ability to lose and reattach his limbs at will). Our Bryce has spent the last few centuries carving up all manner of evil while vowing revenge for the death of his wife at the claws of said Lord - if only he can keep himself together for long enough. Literally.

You put your left leg in...

It's all very Monty Python and the Holy Grail as one of your legs is lopped off in combat, and you hop along on the other while trying to fight off mutated fiends - or better still, end up rolling your decapitated head round, desperately trying to find your missing-in-action appendages, or even solving puzzles using said virtual bonce.

As you build up your character's experience, limbs can even be upgraded; rip off your gun-wielding arm and hurl it into a mass of monsters, then shoot them from where it lands. Better still, detonate said arm like a grenade. The only option that's missing is the ability to literally kick yourself in the ass if you screw up. Maybe in the sequel?

NeverDead also features a wealth of destructible environments; drop ceilings on to monsters, roll huge objects through enemy infestations; and much more. Factor in the ability to handle mega guns and stonking swords, and you have a playground for epic destruction.

A cult game in the making then, NeverDead is a riot and a title that refreshes (and then rips off) the body parts other games simply can't reach.

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Release Date: 31/01/2012