Editor's Choice - King Arthur 2

Editor's Choice

Hot off the press! King Arthur 2 will now be released on the 9th of Feb!

King Arthur 2

Real-time strategy meets role-playing in this fantasy-based sequel for the PC featuring huge battles, adventuring, but most importantly, dragons. Lots and lots of dragons.

Fans of the authentic Total War series will love King Arthur 2's gameplay; you play the titular hero fighting to save Britannia from the foul clutches of evil. This means a mass of real-time strategy battles featuring huge amounts of hardcore Arthur-on-Anglo-Saxon action [fnarr ?Ed], hammering away at the enemy to take control of the battle field; plus the ability to make turn-based tactical, decisions using the spangly 3D Campaign Map.

Total War fans' eyebrows will suddenly assume the raised position though on discovering the inclusion of Celtic mythology; the Blighty of old was apparently packed with monsters. After all, the game developer's would argue, why bother with just troops when you can unleash an army of actual giants to tower over the unwashed, binge-drinking enemy hordes? And never mind flaming arrows; just call in a dragon for fire-breathing duties on those ancient TOWIEs.

Now blend in some genuine role-playing elements that see you building up select knights into magic-wielding Saxon-slayers who can kill a mass of the enemy with a single swipe of their sword; or cast a spell to slow a rushing enemy's advance to a crawl. Better still, there are adventures to undertake that range from deep, dialogue tree-driven conversations through to quests that dwarf those featured in the original King Arthur.

Such imaginative and varied tactics lift the gameplay into literally spell-binding stuff, shifting away from Total War's brilliant but 'dry' real-world antics, and building on the flawed but hugely enjoyable premise of the first King Arthur game. Merlin would be proud.

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Release Date: 10/01/2012