Editor's Choice - Civilization V: Gods & Kings

Editor's Choice

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It's the tyrant of time-wasting, the slayer of social lives, the ruiner of relationships; that's right - it's the obscenely addictive turn-based strategy game, Civilization V on the PC that's back with even more all-conquering features...

It's a gaming series that has been tickling, no, holding our attention glands in a vice-like grip for over two decades now as we've raced to evolve from cavemen/frequenters of Essex nightclubs to an Olympian-like civilisation fit for space travel. Along the way, we've stoked our populations, developed technologies and battered rivals to take over the world. So tight has the game series' grip become that one player recently announced that he'd been playing a single game of Civilization II for the past ten years (that has culminated in a stalemate of ravaged, embittered nations; how very Eurozone).

And with the arrival of the Gods and Kings expansion digital download for the fifth instalment, the game has found religion (while going all MI6 on us). Create your own religion and feed off your population's faith, spreading your influence across the world. Meanwhile, slip a spy into an rival city to turn its citizens' mood in your favour or steal technology.

Let your land find religiion, and send a spy into another in Civilization V: Gods & kings Expansion Pack for PC at GAME

Stretched over these two 'tent-pole' features is a canvas of other tweaks and additions; play with new ancient, feared civilisations such as Carthage, the Celts, the Maya and, erm, the Netherlands, and command your world with new iconic leaders including Boudicca, William I, Pacal the Great and Murdoch the Born-Again Media Mogul [is this right? - Ed]. Then marvel at the new technologies, units, buildings and Wonders before drooling over the upgraded naval options, the three new scenarios (including a rather fetching steampunk jolly), and much more.

And then sit back for a moment and realise that you're doomed. Because if Civilization V was a time sink, thanks to Gods and Kings it's now become a black hole that will consume all time (and any inclination to turn off your PC). So a warning then to all you wannabe kings/queens/emperors - your old life ends here.

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Release Date: 03/08/2012