Editor's Choice - Civilization V: Brave New World

Editor's Choice

Sid Meier's Civilization V Brave New World for Pc and PC download at GAME

The behemoth of all strategy games ventures out into pastures anew with Brave New World, the latest bold expansion pack for the epic PC title Civilization V.

First up, there are the inevitable features designed to immediately snare your dictatorial interest; nine new civilisations, two new scenarios, dozens of new units and buildings, and eight new wonders. All have that 'back-of-the-box' appeal but it's the less obvious changes and additions that will hook you in the longterm.

While the first pack Gods & Kings focused on warfare (some would argue too much), Brave New World is all about ideologies and culture; yours specifically and how your beliefs can direct your actions and how your culture's influence can spread like a virus across the world. International trade routes see you venturing across land and water, dictating what routes and rewards you want for your investment.

And then there's the tourism aspect. No, we're not talking about an option to create Magaluf and hold 24-hour foam parties - but the ability to use your cultural achievements to woo over other civilisations. For example, a fantastic painting by one of your artists can cast an influence over tourists visiting your civilisation. Who, we assume, will then rush home and bore their friends and family into (your) submission with dozens of grainy cameraphone pictures of said masterpiece.

Sid Meier's Civilization V Brave New World for Pc and PC download at GAME

Then there's the new focus on diplomacy where leaders of all nations meet at the World Congress to barter, negotiate, cajole, fall out and kiss-and-make-up (or decide to beat each other to death). Spies can be used as diplomats, 'schmoozing' said representatives to vote in favour of your proposal for, say, a world religion i.e. that's right - yours.

These additions also address one of the key criticisms of the Civ series; that all-important decisions were usually made at the beginning of your epic quest for global domination with the late-game somewhat predictable by the time it rolled round. Brave New World shakes things up considerably, allowing you to try different strategies and ideas even in the final act of the game. And it's this versatility that makes the pack so important and enjoyable. For fanatic followers of the series then, this should be an instant purchase.

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Release Date: 19/07/2013