Editor's Choice - Angry Birds: Seasons

Editor's Choice

Angry Birds: Seasons on PC at GAME

Those feathered fiends are now available to buy boxed from the shelves of GAME. So get ready to uncage Angry Birds: Seasons on your PC. For real.

They're everywhere; on your mobile, on your tablet, cuddly toys, even on swanky evening gowns - wherever you look, those feathered bundles of fury are clucking back in anger, ready to trounce on anything that sports trotters and personal hygiene issues. With over 200 levels to shoot these crazed chicks across, the key selling point for this latest instalment are the different festivals and holidays themes used through out the stages.

Season's Tweetings

Among these are Christmas, Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day, Easter and Halloween - sorry, 'Ham'O'Ween'. The game is the same; fire your birds using the onscreen catapult at the pigs and their badly-built structures, the aim being to butcher the boars with as few a moves as possible.

For newbies (no, really, where have you been?), that might sound oh-so-simple, but the levels of fevered addiction experienced by players has more in common with a fast-spreading virus than a mere game. In fact, anyone not experiencing the tell-tale signs of Angry Birds addiction - profuse sweating, chronic squinting and an increasingly potty mouth - should turn themselves over to the World Health Organisation immediately so scientific spods can manufacture an anti-serum based on your obviously remarkable set of chromosomes.

If though, you're like the rest of us hopeless addicts (including, er, David Cameron), then enjoy the genius of twitch gaming at its most terrifyingly simple. Either way, now you can embrace one of the biggest gaming phenomena of recent years on the big screen (well, bigger than your phone). And at least with the PC version you can go back to screaming at your computer, and not at your hand...


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Release Date: 28/02/2012