Editors Choice: All Zombies Must Die!

Editor's Choice

All Zombies Must Die!

Oh, no! Hordes of undead are on the loose! Yet again! Can All Zombies Must Die! for the PC, PS3 and X360 bring anything new to the dismemberment?

Well, first impressions might suggest otherwise; the game's set in the sleepy town of Deadhill that has become infested with acres of the undead. To tackle them, choose from four different characters and pile in using a top-down view on the action. All sounds, well, kinda familiar? Fret not because the clever minxes at Doublesix have expertly spliced together some classic genre twists to liven up the action.

First is the co-operative play for up to four players either locally or online (think Left 4 Dead); so that means lots of working together/screaming at each other and rushing to save/laugh at a chum if they've been downed. Then add the ability to level up your character and customise them like you would in an RPG-lite. The game's kingpin though is the ability to make your own weapons from the objects found strewn around to remove the undead's limbs with (Dead Island meets Dead Rising).

#The zombies themselves are a characterful bunch too, and feature plenty of variety thanks to the four 'environmental modifiers'. These include sonic, shock, radiation and fire that can bring a zombie down but also spawn all manner of different demented undead in the process. So set fire to a zombie before howling in horror as said the two-legged fireball-freak shoots round, now a serious threat to your health before they collapse, freshly barbecued.

Destined for release on XBLN and PSN, this downloadable title is reassuringly familiar but thanks to its own twists and turns, the zombie-slaying remains fun and satisfyingly rotten to the core. In a good decay, sorry, way.

SKU: Features-158755
Release Date: 13/12/2011